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*artists as ready-made / performance as a documentary on performers (and on its making) / live creation / politics of human relationships in creative process

Streamline project  is based on the fluid and horizontal approach to creative processes, on the exploration of spectators-performers relation and on the questioning of conventions and protocols of performative event. Streamline devises a series of multi-authorial and changeable performance-events created live at each presentation and realized in collaboration with experienced artists from the field of contemporary dance, theater, performance, contemporary music, sound design and video art, with the participation of Nhandan Chirco asnd Branko Popovic. The interaction among artists amplifies the reciprocal inputs, multiplying them through frequencies and resonances that transpierce different languages, exploring and pushing forward the limits of their possible relations. Streamline,conceived in 2009, it is curated by the performing artist Nhandan Chirco. Project, produced by the Italian company YANVII, is supported by partnering organizations from Italy, Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia. Several theater and dance scholars and art curators from Italy participate actively in the project as well with their theoretical interventions and critical feedback.

Hidden Sessions are live creations devised within the conceptual frame of the Streamline project from 2011. They are both the instant autobiography of each participating artist and the performative documentary in real time about the creation of the event itself. The artists exposes themselves not only as performers but also as real persons, linking tightly their professional role with their every-day personality, they appear simultaneously as the material and the content of the work. Overlapping of the real body(s) and the imaginary body(s) makes performers move across the territories of an unstable, hybrid identity. Hidden Session investigates the links between the contemporary imagination related to the body and the performer’s plastic body and sonorous body. The body modeled by globalised society, deconstructed within various semantic fields, transformed by gender issues, manipulated by the market as a mere object, stretched between the mutating collective unconscious (paradoxically built through individual contributions on the You Tube) and the personal imaginary. The body subjected to the gaze of the others, but capable of gazing too. 

Since 2012 Hidden sessions are developing in a small format, involving two/three artists for each event, with the presence of Nhandan Chirco as performer, a contemporary musician, Branko Popovic for the video in real time, in heterogeneous spaces and artistic contexts.

About Streamline project
The project is focused on the idea of a “pool” within which the performative event arouses, a kind of “pressure pot” comprised of all the elements present in the workspace, meaning performers with both their individual and professional backgrounds, artists performing live video and sound, the space itself, and the observers - with their own expectations and projections related to the representational context. The project explores different possible relations and interactions among all these elements, creating each time different and yet the same event, never exactly repeatable.     

The project is characterized by the documentary approach to performing, female dance and theater performers, and by the dissolving of borders between the private life and representational context. Performers expose themselves as material in space, their bodies as form and content, their professional and private lives to be watched upon. Doing it is a kind of real-time stage writing of their biographies. Everything that is “real” can be brought into the space, the very convention of theatrical representation is brought into the space, to be scrutinized and questioned.

The project explores the creative strategies of “displacing” the theatrical context, thus redefining the relations between the performers and observers, as well as the relations among the artists involved in the creative process. Questioning the implicit expectations of both spectators and performers, the expectations that are always slightly disguised or altogether repressed. The project reflects a particular need to rediscover and re-define those relations and the participants’ own “position” within the situation.

Series of live events are created, with no clear beginning or ending, where actions flow often unpredictably in a stream of words-movements-sounds-images, in sequences of low and high sound frequencies, creating a contradictory dynamics of exposition and introversion. The performers are followed and filmed with the video camera and the filming is directly projected on the surrounding walls, thus doubling, extending and fragmenting the performative event. The real-time video projections and the live electronic sound manipulations amplify the actions, interact with the performers, multiply the points of view, play with details and make visible and audible what would otherwise remain imperceptible. Real time video helps to build the aesthetic frame for the event and to create a bridge toward the observers, functioning as a kind of directing from within the action, influencing the perception of the event, rather then controlling it and organizing it from the outside.

Performances 2009-11

Performances 2011-13

#00 to #14

Curated by Nhandan Chirco (Italy - Serbia) - Live creation and performance> Nhandan Chirco (Italy), Branko Popovic (Serbia), Mala Kline (Slovenia), Dragana Alfirevic (Serbia-Slovenia), Draginja Voganjac (Serbia), Igor Lecic (Serbia), Milan Aleksic (Serbia), Jean Christophe Potvin (Belgium), Alberto Fiori (Italy), NicoNote (Italy), Seijiro Murayama (Japan), Roberta Baldaro (Italy), Giuseppe Calabro’(Italy).
Producers  Milan Vracar (Serbia), Jovan Jaksic (Serbia).

Partners and co-producers
Produced by YANVII – Cesena, Kulturanova - Novi Sad (Serbia), Studio za raziskavo umetnosti igre – Ljubljana (Slovenia), &TD Theater – Zagreb, Studentski Centar - University of Zagreb (Croatia),  Art Academy of Novi Sad – University of Novi Sad, Theater Glej - Ljubljana, SNP- Serbian National Theater - Novi Sad, Festival EXIT – Novi Sad, Il laboratorio dell’Imperfetto – Gambettola (Italy), Teatro Comunale di Gambettola, Segnale Audio, Potvin&Son, LM Cineservice – Cesena, with financial support of City Council of Novi Sad, Cultural Ministry of Serbian Republic  and of program Step Beyond by ECF.

Artistic residencies
 1 – 15 June 2009  artistic residency at &TD Theater – Zagreb, Studentski Centar - University of Zagreb (Croatia)/ 1-20 august 2009 at Art Academy of Novi Sad – University of Novi Sad (Serbia)/ 1-4 octobar 2009 at Theater Glej – Ljubljana (Slovenia)/ 20 – 3 march 2010 at SNP- Serbian National Theater - Novi Sad / 7 – 15 june at Art Academy of Novi Sad – Audio visual department – University of Novi Sad (Serbia) /28 july – 8 august at Il Laboratorio dell’ imperfetto – Gambettola (Italy)/ 14/27 february – Teatro Comandini -  Cesena (Italy), Cesena (Italy)/ Teatro Comandini – 14 / 27 february, Gambettola (Italy) / Teatro Comunale di Gambettola – 4 / 12 may / from 19 till 25 July at Il Laboratorio dell’Imperfetto, festival Hotel Limbo 2011, Gambettola, 1 /5 nov. and  6-11 july 2012 at MSUV – Novi Sad / 30 oct. / 2 nov. at Fabrika - SKCNS - Novi Sad / 3/4 may 2013 at Muzej Macura - Belgrade / 26 may 2013 at F.A.C.K. - Ex macello - Cesena

Public presentations
15 june 2009 QUANTA at &TD Theater – Zagreb, Studentski Centar - University of Zagreb/ 8-15 august 2009 QUANTA at Art Academy of Novi Sad – University of Novi Sad /4 octobar 2009 QUANTA at Theater Glej – Ljubljana/ 1-3 march 2010 MORE at SNP- Serbian National Theater - Novi Sad/ 12 - 15 june MORE at Art Academy of Novi Sad – Audio visual department – University of Novi Sad (Serbia) /8 august QUEENS at Il Laboratorio dell’ imperfetto – Gambettola (Italy). Hidden Sessions at: Gambettola / Teatro Comunale di Gambettola / 4 - 12 may, Rimini / Grotta Rossa /Squat #6 – 7 may, Bologna / Program Segnali Audio / Spazio Si’ – 27 may / 4-7 july / 21 – 24  July in Gambettola - at Il Laboratorio dell’Imperfetto, festival Hotel Limbo 2011 / 5 nov. 2012 at MSUV – Novi Sad / 31 june 2012 at Itinerario Festival – Cesena (italy) / 2 july 2012 at MACAO – Milan / 11 july 2012 at MSUV – Novi Sad / 2 sept. 2012 at F.A.C.K. Festival – Cesena / 14 sept. 2012 at Le chien perdu - Bruxelles / 2 nov @ Fabrika SKCNS - Novi Sad /  3/4 may 2013 at Muzej Macura - Belgrade / 26 may 2013 at F.A.C.K. - Ex macello - Cesena

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YANVII - Cesena
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+381 63 7434197 (RS)

Biographies of performers

Nhandan Chirco is performing artist from Italy. She made theater and dance projects in Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, France, England, Singapore and Greece. In ’94-’98 she was a member of the artistic team of the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards in Pontedera (Italy). She attended courses of contemporary dance and butoh-dance (Min Tanaka, Carlotta Ikeda) and she developed long term professional collaborations in the field of contemporary dance (En-Knap, Maja Delak,etc). She collaborated closely with theater directors Branko Popovic, Tomi Janezic (Slo) and Zlatko Sviben (Hr). In ‘04 she was visiting professor ofBody and Voice Work at the postgraduate course Body Unlimited - University of Novi Sad, and from 2004-’07 at the Art Academy – University of Osijek. Recently she collaborated as performer and vocalist with musicians: Blank Disc, J. C. Potvin, Hotel Nuclear, M. Aleksic, I. Lecic, Alberto Fiori and NicoNote. She is both author and performer of the performances: KANUN, Mislim Reku, Phren; and in collaboration with Branko Popovic of: That’s the show, TWO – variation on identity, Play It Again. In the frame of the project STREAMLINE she realized in 2009 -10 the performances Quanta, More, Queens, and from 2011 Hidden Sessions #000 to #14. Her projects have been presented in numerous european theatres, international festivals and seminars. She graduated at DAMS – University of Bologna.

Seijiro Murayama – percussionist, he works in France since 1999, after 20 years of experience in the field of improvised music. His work focus especially on the interaction among music and other artistic activities as: dance (Catherine Diverrès), video (Olivier Gallon), painting (François Bidault), photos (, litterature, philosophie (Jean-Luc Nancy, Ray Brassier), performance (Diego Chamy) etc. He has been developing numerous musical projects (with Jean-Luc Guionnet, Pascale Criton, Eric Cordier, Eric La Casa, Axel Dörner, Tim Blechmann, Seymour Wright, Toshimaru Nakamura, Toshiya Tsunoda). He consider improvisation as his main artistic issue, thus in public events he applies different approaches. His approach is based on the attention to the space and the place, to spectator’s attention at to quality of silence on different levels (physical, social, ontological). He developed a theoretical reflection regarding the idiomatic and the non-idiomatic -"Idioms and Idiots" (with Jean-Luc Guionnet, Mattin, Ray Brassier 2009). Since 2010 he is curator of the festival " Personal and Collective" in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Branko Popovic is director and performer living between Cesena (It), and Novi Sad (Srb). From 1991-95 he studied theater directing and acting at INSAS (Institut National Superieur des Arts du Spectacle) in Brussels (Belgium). Since 1996 he is active both as director and performer in contemporary theatre and dance projects in Belgium, France, Italy, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Grece, Croatia, Serbia. In 2003 he founded Contemporary Performing Arts Center in Novi Sad. In 2004 he created the postgraduate course Body Unlimited at the Academy of Arts - University of Novi Sad. He performed and directed - in collaboration with the Italian performer Nhandan Chirco - performances “That’s the show, free gratis and for nothing”, “TWO – Variations on Identity” and the concert-performance “Play it Again” (with composer Milan Aleksic and the Italian duo of electronic music Hotel Nuclear). From 2009 he is collaborating in realization of the Streamline project as dramaturgical consultant and video live video performer and director. In 2012 he obtained the PhD at the Music and Performance department (DMS) of the University of Bologna (It) researching on the relationship between theatricality and performativity in contemporary performing arts.

Igor Lecic (Leche) is music producer based in Novi Sad, Serbia. As a member of Modern Quartet Leche is producing music that’s a fusion of jazz and modern electronic sounds. Leche composed and/or produced music for several theatre performances cooperating with Serbian National Theatre (Novi Sad, Serbia), NNT (Groningen, Netherlands), Club Guy & Roni (Netherlands), Forum For New Dance (Novi Sad, Serbia), Backi Petrovac Theatre (Serbia). From year 2000 Leche is leading his own radio show on Novi Sad National Radio Station (RNS), every Tuesday from 20.00-21.00h, presenting new movements in contemporary music. His audio production covers a numerous radio and tv commercials. As a guitarist, he played more than 800 gigs live with various different bands.

Draginja Voganjac studied acting at Art Academy of Novi Sad (RS), she graduated in 1984 with the professor Branko Plese. Since 1990 she is part of the ensamble at SNP - Serbian National Theater of Novi Sad. She acted in numerous contemporary and cassical drama productions of SNP and of other theaters, collaborating with renowed theater directors as Branko Plese, Dusan Jovanovic, Ljubica Ristic, Dejan Mijac, Kokan Mladenovic, Tomi Janezic, and many others.  She acted in films - Peščanik directed by Sabolč Tolnai - and in TV productions as Srpski rulet directed by Purše Đorđevića, Ajmo svi u novo directed by Jan Makan. She is winner of several awards, as "Dimitrije Mita Ružić"in (2004 -’05) and "Predrag Peđa Tomanović" (2005).

Jean Christophe Potvin – author and producer, Karlax® player, sound designer and sound engineer, he graduated at INSAS (Institut National Superieur des Arts du Spectacle) in Bruxelles on Diffusion and Social Communication in 1996. He composed and realized the sound for many performances in Belgium for Fraction, Unités Nomade, Biloxie48, Fondation Jacques Gueux, and in Italy, collaborating along ten years  with Teatro Dell'Elfo of Milan. He realized documentaries and radio-fictions.  He collaborated in electronic music creations with Alessandro Bosetti and Attila Faravelli. During last four years he composed the music  for the fashion defile by Daniela Gregis in Milan. Recently he collaborated in several productions directed by Stephane Oertli’ in Belgium, France and Italy, with Nicola Russo in Rome and  Naples, Rosario Tedesco in Palerm and Turin. Actually he is composing the music for movies produced by On Move/Bruxelles.
Giuseppe Calabro’ since 1977 works in theater as light designer. His professional formation developed during long terms engagements in several Italian theaters as Teatro Biondo Stabile of Palermo, theater Donizetti of Bergamo and Gran Teatro La Fenice of Venice. His experience in light designing stretches from avant-garde theater to traditional and contemporary opera, multi-media theater, projects for en-lighting museums, churches and monuments. He held stages and courses in Italy and abroad and from 1990 till 2000 he has been docent of illuminating engineering at Drama Art Academy of Calabria (It). He collaborated with renowned artists, such as Michele Perriera (Teatro Téates), Federico Tiezzi (Magazzini Criminali), Virgilio Sieni, Giancarlo Menotti, Ugo Gregoretti, Franco Seneca, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Moni Ovadia, Francesco Pennisi, Luis De Pablo, Irene Papas and Luisa Spaziani, and many others.